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Although Jones Angell and I would like to think otherwise, people don’t listen to the Carolina Insider podcast for our incredible insight. We’re well aware that our guests are the ones who drive the downloads. When they have something interesting to say or a unique viewpoint, that’s what Carolina fans want to hear.

In a time when Tar Heels everywhere have more free time than they otherwise might, we thought it might be fun to revisit some of our listeners’ favorite interviews. Last night on Twitter we asked for suggestions, and what follows is a complete list of all the interviews, along with the dates they aired, that were mentioned.

You can download all of these episodes at your podcast download source of choice, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or simply the Art19 interface.

Eric Church (1/6/17): Newer listeners might be surprised that we had music superstar Eric Church on the podcast in the very early months of the show. He talks a little music, but what definitely comes through in the interview is his passionate love for the Tar Heels.

Freddie Kiger (2/3/17 and 11/26/19): Freddie has had a courtside seat for some of the biggest moments in Carolina basketball in the last nearly half-century. He also happens to be one of the best storytellers we’ve ever had on the podcast.

Mick Mixon (4/11/18): Speaking of great storytellers, Mick is also one of the best. His story about Jerry Richardson’s Chap-Stick is a classic. It’s probably about time for a part two with Mick.

Dick Baddour (4/24/18 and 8/23/19): Very similar to the Doherty episodes in the way Mr. Baddour was able to provide the facts on some of the most-rumored topics of his administration. You might be surprised at just how close Frank Beamer came to being the head football coach at North Carolina.

Matt Doherty part 1 and part 2 (9/6/18 and 9/7/18): This was easily the most-mentioned interview by listeners. Coach Doherty was extremely gracious with his time and was very open about everything we asked him. Whether you were a big Tar Heel fan during the Doherty era or have only heard about it second-hand, this is a great way to get the facts on what happened, what Coach Doherty might have done differently, and how his viewpoints on that time period have changed.

Jason Brown (11/9/18): The former Carolina and NFL offensive lineman has an incredible story, and all we had to do was turn on the recorder and let him tell it. Brown was very open about his faith, and whether you share that viewpoint or not, it’s hard not to respect his conviction and the way he’s put it into action in his life.


James Spurling (8/14/19): The best interviews are when the subjects have a passion for a topic and it comes through in their words. Mr. Spurling’s passion just so happens to be the University of North Carolina and especially Tar Heel athletics, so much so that it brought him to tears during our conversation.

Howard Lee (1/7/20): Not sure why it took us nearly four years to get Mr. Lee on the podcast. His interview might be the closest we’ve done to being a legitimate part of the history of the state of North Carolina, and it’s also a good reminder of how to handle contentious times.

Pod history, 100th pod (1/22/18) and the 200th pod (5/9/19): Much of the pod history can be found in these two episodes, plus an appearance by Big Grits himself on the 100th episode and an incredible Grammy-worthy song on the 200th edition.

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