I once stood in line for a very long time at the Barnes and Noble at Crabtree Valley Mall for the chance to get Dean Smith to sign my copy of his first book. At the time, I thought it would be incredibly cool to get to write a book about Carolina basketball. Luckily, the very talented players and coaches of the UNC basketball program have now enabled me to do that multiple times.

Here’s a link to my Amazon author page, and here’s a quick summary of each book plus ordering options for each one. All the older books are priced below Amazon prices because it’s time to clear out some space for the latest addition, Together, which will be out in late October is out now.

Together cover photo

It’s slimmer than our championship books, but the access we received to the Iron Five and Hubert Davis enables the story itself to pack in quite a few nuggets you won’t have read anywhere else. Plus, there are some incredible never-before-published behind the scenes photos. To get a signed copy of Together, use the following button:

Please note that all below books can be signed upon request–just provide the details on who the book should be made to in your order comments.

Going Home Again: Roy Williams, The North Carolina Tar Heels, And A Season  To Remember by Adam Lucas, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Going Home Again: The first book I ever wrote. I went to every game and many practices during Roy Williams’ first season back at Carolina. At the time, I don’t think I had any idea of what a historic transition was being made. The players and coaches involved were very generous with their time and I loved getting to write the kind of book I would’ve wanted to read as a fan–an in-depth look at a very important season for Tar Heel basketball. To order (paperback with post-2005 epilogue) for $12.50:

Led by Their Dreams: The Inside Story of Carolina's Journey to the 2005  National Championship: Lucas, Adam, Kirschner, Steve, Bowers, Matt, Smith,  Dean: 9781592289189: Books

Led By Their Dreams: And less than 12 months later, I was helping write a book about virtually that same group winning a national title. One definitely led to the other. Steve Kirschner, Matt Bowers and I got to sit down with every player and coach to talk about the 2005 national championship season, which was a terrific experience. To order (coffee table style hardback) for $15.00:

Best Game Ever: How Frank Mcguire's '57 Tar Heels Beat Wilt And  Revolutionized College Basketball by Adam Lucas, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

The Best Game Ever: This one has gotten more important to me as time has progressed. It was a lot of fun getting to learn more about–and write about–a team I’d always heard about from my father. I also hope this book gave some publicity to what I consider to be one of the most underrated teams in college basketball history. To order (paperback) for $15.00:

The Road to Blue Heaven by Wes Miller

The Road to Blue Heaven: No player had ever really written a season-in-the-life book about being a Carolina basketball player. Wes Miller changed that. It would be interesting to go back now, with Wes’ experience as a head coach, and see how his perspective has changed on some of the issues he faced as a player.One Fantastic Ride | Adam Lucas | University of North Carolina Press

One Fantastic Ride: This was the first time I kept notes during the season with the thought that there might be a post-season championship book in the works. Again working with Steve and Matt, this was a fun way to chronicle one of the best teams in UNC basketball history.Carolina Basketball: A Century of Excellence: Lucas, Adam: 9780807834107: Books

A Century of Excellence: I’m still a little amazed that when Carolina Basketball turned 100 years old, I was able to help write the official book. 12-year-old Adam would’ve been amazed that Adult Adam was able to call dozens of former players and coaches to talk about their experiences as Tar Heels. I’m afraid I may not be around to write the 200-year book, so I’m proud of this one. To order (coffee table style hardcover book) for $20.00:

Woody Durham: A Tar Heel Voice: Durham, Woody, Lucas, Adam: 9780895875778: Books

A Tar Heel Voice: Here’s what I had to do for this project: sit in Woody Durham’s den and listen to him tell stories about his life and Carolina athletics. It was an honor that Woody and Jean were willing to work with me on this book. To order (hardcover) for $20.00:

Redemption | Adam Lucas | University of North Carolina Press

Redemption: This book, the behind the scenes story of the 2017 Tar Heel national championship with tons of behind the scenes stories and photos, is a full-color hardback with lots of exclusive stories and photos. To order (coffee table style hardback) for $25.00: