Choosing your words

One of the best interactions any of us who cover Carolina can have is when a Tar Heel fan stops us and says something we did–an interview, a book, a story–was meaningful to them. Let’s be very clear: the main connection is with the Tar Heels. But it’s special when something I wrote or said connected with anyone, especially when it prompts them to share it with their family or friends or game-watching buddies.

I used to record Woody and Mick broadcasts on the Tar Heel Sports Network on blank tapes and save them to listen to later. One of my favorite possessions is a cassette of the 1993 championship game with the THSN call, signed by both broadcasters. I can watch the game on YouTube any time I want, of course. But there’s just something about having it in that format, in their words–even if I don’t exactly have an easy way to play it these days.

So that’s what prompted this idea. New for 2023, you can order handwritten excerpts from any GoHeels column I’ve ever done (they go back 20 years) or from any of the Tar Heel-related books I’ve done. If there’s a passage that connected with you or made you think of someone else, it’s hopefully a great way to share it with them in a slightly more artistic and personal way than just printing it off the internet. Pair it with a photo of you at a game or in Chapel Hill or wherever is meaningful to you, and boom, you’ve got a great gift. And needless to say, I’ll inscribe the excerpt with almost anything you request (don’t bother asking for, “Coach K is my hero” or something equally offensive).

The best place to find a complete list of GoHeels columns is here. As always, feel free to reach out with questions/comments about this project. And as a reminder, the order link is here.

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